I am easy to work with and have many years of production experience. Here are some examples of work that I’ve done either remixing or recording other people:

This was my old band. We ran a small recording studio in Sacramento (LRS Studios). This is one of the first songs we recorded back in 2009. I acted as producer on this track.

This was also recorded with my old band while I was partnered in a Sacramento studio. I acted as engineer on this track, and provided some production input.

In this remix contest, I played most of the bass guitar and the keyboards. Everything else was played by the band Young the Giant.

With this remix, I replaced most of the band’s tracks with my own playing. The tracks that remained from the band are the vocals, guitar, drums and percussions.

New York Polyphony, an all-male madrigal choir wanted to remix this song. I kept all of their vocals, and I brought in Justin Michael from Ultraviolet Light Brigade to play guitar.

Image-Line, the creator of FL Studio, held a contest to remix Veela’s Night Vision (here’s the original) to promote some of their new plug-ins. Here was my entry.

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