I finally updated the music page! New songs!!!

I think they’re good this time!

I did a bit of recording a few days ago, and posted up two new songs:  “Blues for Danielle,” and “Blues for a Wandering Soul.”  I also did a bit of recording with my good friend, The Amazing Sarah Agbelusi – they’re on the Music page.

So, PLEASE CHECK OUT MY UPDATED MUSIC PAGE! And then please hire me for your next shindig, party, funeral, batmitvah, or intervention!

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Shows this fall!

Hey, all – It’s been a while since I’ve updated the website.  I’ve been busy, playing fill in gigs that I never seem to remember to update here.

There’s a couple more coming up that are sure to bring a smile:

Saturday, October 3, 2015 – “Indian Summer Party” with Loud as Funk (my band) and the Donna Lee Band (from Silverstrand) – at the Oil Piers (on the beach at  the end of Mobile Pier Road, between Mussel Shoals and Faria Beach) – tentatively at 3:00 pm until 9:00 pm

Sunday, October 11, 12:00-5:00pm – “Santa Barbara Blues Society Battle of the Bands,” I’ll be playing with the Debra Farris Band, vying for our spot in the finals in Memphis.  Soho Restaurant and Bar, Santa Barbara, CA

I hope to see you there…

– Josh

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Sunday Jazz is still happening! 8-17-2014

Every Sunday at the Beachcomber – 3-6 pm at 206 Ocean Avenue, in the Silverstrand neighborhood of Oxnard, CA.  If you play Jazz, please bring your instrument, and sit in!  Drums, bass and a mic with a small PA are provided.

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The jazz night with the Collective has changed to Sunday afternoons!

We’re moving to Sundays. We’ll take Easter Sunday off, and come back on April 27th. We’ll be there every Sunday from 3-6 pm at the Beachcomber Tavern at 206 Ocean Ave. in Oxnard’s Silverstrand neighborhood.  Same revolving cast of Ventura County’s best players, so every single time is a unique experience!

Click Here for updates!

Beachcomber Jazz on Sundays starting April 27th

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I’m cohosting a Jazz jam every Friday night at the Beachcomber Tavern in Silverstrand!

Free! 8-11pm. Hosted by guitar guru Al Macias, with myself as back-up cohost.

Bring your instruments! I’ll backline a bass amp. If you play guitar, please bring a small amp. Drums are usually backlined, but not always. Shoot me an email at


for specifics or if you have questions.

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New Song for 2014!

I just got a couple of acoustic-type instruments, and came up with this yesterday. I hope you like!

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I’ll be at Beachcomber every Friday night at Ben Buttner’s Jazz Jam in Oxnard!

I’ve taken over (for now, ’till the regular bass player heals) the bass position in Ben Buttner’s house band at a Jazz jam every Friday night! Note, that I won’t be there Jan. 10, 2014, but I should be there the rest of the times! Great night, some killer players show up. It’s a ton of fun at a great old neighborhood bar. Always free!

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Nov. 16th at Surf Brewery in Ventura, CA! I’ll be sitting in with Smokey And Friends

6-8pm, I believe. Free! Come for “Smokey” Steve Hinojosa’s super soulful vocals, killer blues/funk/rock guitar and stay for the great beer. I’m really looking forward to this gig – Steve’s got the amazing Adam Clark on drums. I really respect both of these guys musically, as they’re some of the best players around. On top of that, they’re personally a blast to play music with.

There’s always a great taco truck or two (usually those nifty fancy onces) in the parking lot, so you’re guarenteed great beer, food and music! Try the Mondo Blonde or the Wahini White – those are my favorites.

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Here’s a couple of videos from when I sat in with Ben Buttner’s jazz jam

Most Friday nights, my buddy holds a jazz jam at the Beachcomber Tavern in Silverstrand, Oxnard. Here’s a few clips from one of the last ones (October 18th, 2013). Way fun!

I don’t know what song this. Ben just said something like “it’s a walking blues song in G. Now, play it!” Unfortunately, my little recorder gave out mid song, so this is all I have of the jam from my recorder.

Ben set up a video recorder (unbeknownst to me). Here’s a couple that he got:

All of Me – this is an old standard that I’m pretty sure everyone on the planet has heard at some time or another!

‘Round Midnight (old Thelonius Monk standard) – one of my favorites, and the one and only time I got to play it in public.

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Great night last night at The Deer Lodge in Ojai!

Egads… Good times! Brad Myers with recorded the last 1/2 of the open jam, and also got the featured artist, my buddy Ben Buttner – check out his solo on Cantaloupe Island at about 1:55:40 and his band’s version of “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.” Killer!

Video streaming by Ustream

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