I finally got an actual pedal board

Ok, this probably means nothing to anyone except a few other geeky bass players, but I finally got a pedal board.

After about 20 years of playing, I’ve never once owned one, and always bugged other players by how I’d be tripping over my pedals, and they’d always be a mess.

Well, no more!

My new pedal board!

The blue rope light was just for fun, but I like it!

So, what’s on it is a Boss TU-2 tuner, an Electro Harmonix (EHX) Bass Micro Synth (My old standby workhorse for synth-type sounds), EHX Enigma Q-balls (a crazy powerful envelope filter), EHX Bass Balls dual frequency envelope filter, and a Vox Snake Charmer compressor (it’s got a crazy range so it’s actually an effect unto itself, not just a pedal to even out playing).

I’m pretty happy with it so far, but I also just saw the Source Audio Pro Bass Envelope Filter. That thing looks… crazy. Must have…

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