Here’s a couple of videos from when I sat in with Ben Buttner’s jazz jam

Most Friday nights, my buddy holds a jazz jam at the Beachcomber Tavern in Silverstrand, Oxnard. Here’s a few clips from one of the last ones (October 18th, 2013). Way fun!

I don’t know what song this. Ben just said something like “it’s a walking blues song in G. Now, play it!” Unfortunately, my little recorder gave out mid song, so this is all I have of the jam from my recorder.

Ben set up a video recorder (unbeknownst to me). Here’s a couple that he got:

All of Me – this is an old standard that I’m pretty sure everyone on the planet has heard at some time or another!

‘Round Midnight (old Thelonius Monk standard) – one of my favorites, and the one and only time I got to play it in public.

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