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Recorded November 10, 2015 – “Blues for Danielle: – Dedicated to a good friend.


“Blues for a Wandering Soul” Recorded November 9, 2015


“Seven Nation Army” – cover version of the White Stripes


Camille – This was a song that Sarah Agbelusi and I wrote in Paris, and it’s dedicated to a friend we met there.


This one is called Falling Like the Rain.  It’s written and performed by Sarah Agbelusi, and I accompanied her on uke and bass.


I was the bass player for Stereo Earth. Here’s our 2010 debut album Autonomous:
Stereo Earth - Autonomous
Available at CD Baby

Kung Fu Guitar – from my old band Stereo Earth in 2009


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  1. Fishface Bob says:

    Good stuff! I like the cover songs. they’re very different from the originals but still sound good.

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