Josh Myers is a bassist and producer based in Ventura, CA. He’s still driven after over 20 years of professional recording, teaching performing. He currently performs with his own acoustic folk/jazz group, Silverstrand’s Loud As Funk, and The Debra Farris band.  He also performs regulary as a duo with Sarah Agbelusi as “Sarah and Josh.”  Also, Josh previously co-founded and ran LRS Studios in Sacramento, California.

Josh’s past projects include:

Stereo Earth – a reggae/rock band based in Sacramento, CA. Josh played bass with them for about 5 years, engineered their first album “Autonomous,” and co-produced most of the songs on that album.
We’re Friends – a jazz/oldies band led by professional guitarist and songwriter Quinten Llorente (retired) from Sacramento, CA.
Tamaras – a professional singer and songwriter who’s now based in Humboldt, CA.

Josh’s history also includes far too many other bands and musical situations to begin to list here. He’s also taught professionally at several tutoring and music centers.

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